The ‘MUST-KNOWS’ in Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding is the process of reporting the payment details of the patient to the insurance company for the service provided by the health center. There is a small difference between Medical Billing and Coding even if the person who does both is the same. It is the job of the coder to abstract and assign codes while the biller with the data obtained from Medical Coding claims for reimbursement.

The foremost step in the billing process is coding. A coder with good intellect on the anatomy and medical terminology, who is certified with sound knowledge, is preferred for this. The basic necessity of any coder is to know the acronyms used to help complete work effectively and efficiently. This information is then passed along to the Medical Billing, where the document is processed and sent to the insurance to claim the required reimbursement.

There are two must-know criteria in Medical Billing and Coding without which the whole process collapses. They are as follows:

  • Filling a clean and error-free claim and
  • Knowing the Billing and Coding Acronyms

A clean medical claim is the one which does not have any mistake from top to bottom and no additional information required from the third party. Each procedure code must have a diagnosis code and the basic necessary information regarding the patient. The International Classification of Diseases, ICD-9 which was used in the United States since 1979 is slowly disappearing with the introduction for ICD-10 which will provide more accurate data and aid the WHO. A number of payers have a standard contract which is given to the health care providers. An expert biller and coder knows the specifications of a standard contract and produces an error free perfect document to claim insurance from the insurance provider. The medical billing and coding training plays an important role in shaping the career of a medical biller and coder.

Becoming an X- Ray technician!!

With the advancements in technology, there are vivid ranges of diagnostic tools to diagnose a disease that are in use these days. Above all it is the imaging techniques that have gained popularity with time. X- Ray is further modified as resonance imaging techniques a much sophisticated approach to diagnose a disease.

What is an X-Ray technician?

X-Ray technicians are high skilled professionals, who are trained enough to handle the x- ray machinery safely and effectively. These professionals are high skilled in taking the images while assessing and adjusting several factors.

Mark your beginning?

Wondering where to start with? Well that is definitely a good question to think of. Since you have got to deal with sophisticated equipment! It is necessary that you attain proper training. Only trained individuals are of demand. And the recruiters also look forward to recruit trained and certified professionals as no one dares to put the institution name at risk.

There are plenty of private technical schools, community colleges, universities catching up the demand of trained professionals and hence for one to be part of this lucrative field must pursue a certification program. There are also some degree programs available and depending upon the interest of the individual one select the training program.

The training program will last from six months to three years. Bachelor’s degree is the highest degree that one can attain. How much it will cost you? That depends upon the training program you select.

What you need to take care while you pick a school or college?

The only thing that you need to consider while being an x ray technician is to pick a school or college that is recognized otherwise known as accredited. Only an accredited school can make you certain with the training you are obtaining.

The other thing that you need to take heed is see that you have proper hands on experienced offered by the college.

Prenatal Sonography Technicians

Synonyms: Gynecologic sonographers, prenatal ultrasound technicians.

Prenatal sonographers study and analyze the development of fetus during pregnancy making suitable diagnosis when required to ensure healthy embryological development and safety of mother. Pursuing a career as prenatal sonography technician is paving way for a secure future, as this technology is one that is insured against job cuts, economic slowdowns for the global population will continue to grow irrespective of these factors. Here’s a quick guide on how to pursue a career in prenatal sonography.

Educational Prerequisites for Prenatal Sonography:

Certification Programs in prenatal sonography is available as a one year advanced course for existing sonographers and for those who choose to do so as a basic course, you have 2 year diploma courses offered as Associate degree in prenatal ultrasound technology and 4 year bachelor’s degree too is available for the same. Students can choose to pursue same in master’s degree after completion of bachelor’s degree. For ultrasound technician schools please visit

Licensing For Prenatal Sonography:-

Licensing though not mandatory can earn you extra credentials for doing the ascent in professional career.  American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) offers examinations in

1)      Fetal Echocardiography (FE) specialty examination:  The RDMS credential is three hours long and contains 150 multiple-choice questions competition. An exam of principles and practices with continued education is necessary to obtain and maintain credentialing.

2)      Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN):- This specialty examination which contains 170 multiple-choice questions

Career Outlook for the Prenatal Sonography:

With the global population continuing to be on upsurge, prenatal sonography is expected to grow at a 16% from 2006 to 2016 according to BLS. Prenatal sonographers may find increased employment in densely populated states along with increased benefits. Median earnings for fetal sonographers for fresher’s is usually around $55, 000 while experienced can earn almost twice to that.

Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

If you’re desirous to work in the health care industry and looking for chances that paves your way!! Then being a pharmacy technician might be a lucrative option.

Who is actually a pharmacy technician?

These are pharmacy personnel’s who are trained enough to look after the needs of the patients who bring in the prescription or to the prescription sent electronically. With the science advancing a pharmacy technician has got lot more to do these days.

Person skilled in this profession acts as an assistant to a certified pharmacist. Though it appears to be an easy task actually needs a lot of effort to make the work done appear flawless. It is true that health care industry is a recession proof sector, no matter how hard the economic times are you can still have your job safe. But at the same time you need to handle the job with utmost care and a bit of carelessness can lead to fatal results.

What actually makes you a pharmacy tech?

Initially considering the scenario of olden days, you need not undergo any training program in order to practice as a pharmacy technician. But gone are those days where you can work under the guidance of a certified professional and make your earning. Now every recruiter is in a search of only a certified professional who has underwent the certified technician exam.

For an aspiring individual who is willing to make career with this lucrative field must possess a certification these days. A certified professional is only of demand. Encountering the demand for trained professional there are ample of pharmacy schools that offer training through traditional classroom teaching. However online teaching is in demand now!!

Attaining right papers which prove that you can do the job are essential requisites that one has to possess.

Home improvement hobbyist and HVAC repairs

Renovation of the houses can done in any part of the year, don’t just wait for the fall or for the summer get it renovated anytime you want as renovation not just improves the quality and value of the house but also cut shorts your energy bills, renovation is the process of making changes and modifications to the appearance and facilities in your home.

Renovation helps in improvement of the home ambience and facilities, people have a concept on how their house should look and feel.

Essential places that can be considered renovated

Generally renovation can be done with any part of your home; it may be your kitchen, your living area or the back yard. Upgrading add value to your home and the most important options for renovation is the installation of the latest technical heating and cooling system, this particular HVAC repair services is the most predominant in the market.

Why it is essential getting repaired your HVAC unit?

Getting repaired your HVAC unit can ensure you a better stay at home, with its sophisticated approach makes your house a better place to dwell in at, and not just talking about the appearance of the house repairing your HVAC unit can add up value to your house.

Parts that are usually considered for repairing

HVAC units installed run quite effectively and efficiently but at times they can be over worked, for instance during warm temperatures air conditioners are put to tremendous work and hence compressors and condensers may become faulty, which eventually leads to stoppage of blowing cool air or your compressor might stop functioning completely. Other parts that usually require consideration are the air filters, thermostats, internal circuits, capacitor and refrigerants.

What is the importance of a HVAC technician in repairing your HVAC UNIT?

Repairing or upgrading your HVAC unit is not just a prank that you can do it by your own, you need an expertise to handle the equipment and a qualified HVAC technician can only do it for you, these qualified technicians have an idea on several components and devices within the unit and as well as in making up the unit, so with this expertise and trained professional you can make your home more energy efficient and at the same time make your home a better place to dwell in.

Make a call to your HVAC Company and request for a certified HVAC technician for your service, an experienced technician can get you a full assessment of the system functioning and if it is a complete breakdown of the system he also gets you with a clear idea of the proper functioning of the HVAC unit after getting repaired and if it is satisfactory get it done or else ask for a complete estimation that you need to spend in replacing it.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford taking a new installation which can cost you about $5000- $8000 it is better if you can go with the repairing which would usually costs you around $600- $800, as the called HVAC technician has a better idea of the companies and brands and models this would be the best opportunity to either go with a replacement or repairing.

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